Arugula and Toast

Arugula and toast.  Its so simple, yet delicious, and feels like you’ve made yourself a fancy breakfast, when really you just  poached an egg while waiting for some toast.

Today we had this for lunch after harvesting some arugula from the garden. It was so beautiful out today, so we enjoyed this on the porch where Addie and Rachel had been busy painting in the morning.  Addie enjoys hers all cut up and absolutely loves poached eggs. Sometimes that’s all she eats of this dish, often requesting more ‘yellow part.’

I usually poach the eggs in water, just below the boil, for about four minutes. This usually comes out a bit gooey to runny, which is the way we like it. Often I turn off the water at about four minutes, but let them sit another minute or so until they bob up a little bit and they are more on the gooey side – so lovely! I don’t use vinegar or salt in the water when I poach, but just set them in the water on a large perforated spoon, trying to fold the whites over the yolk if they start to dissipate too much. The same perforated spoon is perfect for lifting them back out and setting them on buttered toast with a bed of arugula. We like to top with fresh grated parmesan and some pepper.


2 Comments on “Arugula and Toast”

  1. Suki says:

    This meal is also quite delicious with the arugula tossed in olive oil, salt, and moscatel vinegar. And top the eggs with spiced paprika. Around our house we call it “Europe.” “Europe” breakfast is the best!
    LOVE your blog!

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