Berries and rhubarb and cobbler and cream and

Ramekins are sure cute. Pulled some rhubarb from the yard, stole some strawberries and blueberries that Rachel’s mom brought for Addie and chopped them all into these cute ramekins. Stirred in a wee bit of sugar and topped with a tasty cobbler dough – I pulled it from the SoNo Baking Company cookbook. Baked at 375 about 25 minutes and topped with some freshly beaten cream stirred with powdered sugar and a drop or two of vanilla extract. Ate it.


Beets, beets, beets!

We got some yummy little beets in the CSA last week. I was roasting a chicken, so threw these in the oven too stirred in a little oil and salt after trimming. It was kind of nice that they were so small as they cooked up in twenty five minutes or so and were super sweet. I steamed the greens for a couple minutes and squeezed some lemon juice on them. I don’t like beet greens as much as other bitter greens – they seem a bit too thick, or perhaps I just don’t know how to cook them. Life is good when these are my troubles.

Devilled Eggs are Cool, Right?

We had some awesome smoked trout devilled eggs a little while ago at Beaker & Flask and were reminded how delicious these little fellas (almost said devils) can be. While we didn’t have any fresh smoked trout, there are a ton of tasty things one can throw in a devilled egg. We used a bit of greek yogurt, mustard, green garlic (reckon now that chives would have been better) and of course, paprika. I was tempted to throw in some capers, but they are a bit overpowering and Rachel doesn’t like them taking over a dish. That said, fried in oil for about five minutes takes the harshness out of capers and leaves them crispy and delicious. Maybe next time I’ll fry up a few to toss on top if nothing else.

Pea shoots

Our CSA has been sending lots of pea shoots, which we’d never really thought of eating before. They are really pretty and make a fun addition to salads or pasta. This was a little something I threw together which some rehydrated Chipotle Chilis tossed with linguine and a wee bit of bechamel sauce.

Lentil Soup

The weather out here is pretty fickle these days, which means we are still eating nice, warming soups when it seems like it should be time for heading out in flip-flops and eating something cool and refreshing. Oh well. Soup is good.

Rachel is a super soupologist, but somehow I ended up making this one. We like lentil soup pretty lemony – it can really cut down on the salt used that way too. And kale is always delicious and delivers a nice crunch thrown in near the end of simmering the soup.


We finally joined a CSA this year which started delivering a couple weeks ago. This is our first delivery which included some beets, green garlic, carrots, lettuce, new potatoes, pea greens and Japanese Turnips. We’d never had Japanese Turnips before and they were soooo good. We just ate them fresh – they look and taste a bit radish-y at first, but just when you expect some peppery spice to kick in they get mild and buttery in your mouth – so delicious. An extra bonus to our CSA, from Creative Growers, is that the pickup is at Grand Central Bakery and you get a free loaf of bread each week too! Sometimes I add exclamation points because I figure I sound really dull otherwise.

Cute Cucumber Salad

Rachel tossed together this lovely little cucumber salad. Thinly sliced cucumbers with some radishes and dill from the garden tossed with a little cider vinegar or rice vinegar. It tastes like summer!