Lentil Soup

The weather out here is pretty fickle these days, which means we are still eating nice, warming soups when it seems like it should be time for heading out in flip-flops and eating something cool and refreshing. Oh well. Soup is good.

Rachel is a super soupologist, but somehow I ended up making this one. We like lentil soup pretty lemony – it can really cut down on the salt used that way too. And kale is always delicious and delivers a nice crunch thrown in near the end of simmering the soup.


2 Comments on “Lentil Soup”

  1. Mary says:

    I love the action shot!

    • Jon Austin says:

      I know, right! And it looks like I’m going really fast because the hair on my arm is flaring all over the place. Oh, that’s gross.

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