Devilled Eggs are Cool, Right?

We had some awesome smoked trout devilled eggs a little while ago at Beaker & Flask and were reminded how delicious these little fellas (almost said devils) can be. While we didn’t have any fresh smoked trout, there are a ton of tasty things one can throw in a devilled egg. We used a bit of greek yogurt, mustard, green garlic (reckon now that chives would have been better) and of course, paprika. I was tempted to throw in some capers, but they are a bit overpowering and Rachel doesn’t like them taking over a dish. That said, fried in oil for about five minutes takes the harshness out of capers and leaves them crispy and delicious. Maybe next time I’ll fry up a few to toss on top if nothing else.


One Comment on “Devilled Eggs are Cool, Right?”

  1. Mary says:

    Phew am I glad that you didn’t have any smoked trout. That really would have ruined your deviled eggs!

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