Frittata with Asparagus, Swiss Chard, Peas and Sweet Potatoes

A frittata is a great standby for the day of our CSA delivery when we get a load of veggies and begin thinking about how we will use them all while they are still so delicious. I pretty much start worrying about spoilage as soon as I put stuff in the fridge. I should get over that.

I wouldn’t have thought of using peas in a frittata, but we had so many between the garden and getting some in the CSA too, and its a good thing because they were delicious just tossed in near the end of cooking the frittata. I grabbed the sweet potatoes, which is odd this time of year, I admit, but I thought they would be tasty in here, and they were okay, but a bit too sweet, I usually prefer red potatoes for something like this. I think I tossed in some sweet basil too, which perhaps kicked the sweetness up too much.

Anyhow, this style of frittata is super easy to make. You pretty much throw in any vegetables you want in some oil, or butter if you want something a little richer, and saute until everything is just getting tender. In this case I tossed the chard in near the end along with the peas. Then beat together several eggs – fewer than you might think – I think I used six for this large pan and pour them in. Let it sit for a few minutes, without stirring, and when you begin to see some cooked edges, put the whole pan under the broiler for another few minutes until the top is nicely browned. Sometimes I toss a bit o’ parmesan atop too. Thats all. Then eat it.

Oh yeah, you might also blanch the chard if you prefer the greens more cooked, I thought they might add a nice bit of crunch for a frittata. To blanche them toss them in boiling water for a minute or two, then put into ice water after. Squeeze out the water and chop up finely, then you can saute them along with the potatoes or onions or whatever.


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