Risotto and More Peas!

This was really tasty. Yep really, really tasty. Tasty enough I will have to attempt more risottos in the future. It has been a long time since I’ve made a risotto, but I was inspired by The Dinner Files recipe for this risotto with mint and bacon. I tossed some chopped asparagus in too. Her recipe calls for green onions, but I used some diced white onions. You can soak the onion in a little ice water if you want to take a little of the edge off.

As a side note – if you follow her recipe – the ingredient list says bacon, but the instructions say cook pancetta in olive oil. I’m sure pancetta is heavenly, but I used bacon and it is really dang good too – I don’t cook it in oil though, just chop finely then the bacon will cook in its own fat. I dumped the fat out afterward so the bacon didn’t permeate the whole thing too much and then added a little olive oil to balance it out. Um… hope that helps somebody. Just cook it. At least if its not too hot out. I guess thats the good thing about our (so far) wet and cool summer. One can cook.


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