Eating some Favas (next to chicken and bread)

Did I mention how delicious Fava Beans are in that last post. The fava dish here is simply some cooked Fava Beans stirred with rice and a mixture of minced garlic and some plain Greek Yogurt (I get the nice and fatty kind, though supposedly there are some decent fat free kinds – I’ve just never met one that isn’t runny). Anyway, just don’t use too much garlic like I did.

The bread is topped with a radish butter, suggested by the CSA, just food process a couple radishes with some butter and big salt. Pretty yummy. I don’t remember what went on that chicken, hmm… I think it might have involved some dried habaneros steeped in some hot water then cut up with some herbs and rubbed all over. Something like that.


One Comment on “Eating some Favas (next to chicken and bread)”

  1. Nancy says:

    Hey Jon, we found some “good non fat Greek Yogurt- not runny” Look for FAGE all natural-nonfat Greek strained yogurt. Pronounced Fa-yeh

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