Hey Heidi – I cooked Zucchinis

You are right Heidi, I think I mentioned that I cooked a couple measly zucchinis with some turnips by cooking the jeebers out of them in some butter a couple weeks ago. Oh well, here is a photo of said zucchinis and turnips – you will also notice they are drowning under some parmesan as zucchinis should be.

Also the noodles are tossed with some tomato sauce – just from a can of tomatoes with herbs. I learned somewhere along the line that one must also cook the jeebers out of canned tomatoes. Folks these days will swear by the San Marzanos, and they are tasty (though it seems also super spendy – imagine that) but most quality canned tomatoes, just straight up – that is without a bucket of salt or such nonsense, can be cooked into a nice soft and sweet yumminess. Season with some vinegar, herbs and pepper and it makes for a lovely little marinara.


2 Comments on “Hey Heidi – I cooked Zucchinis”

  1. Heidi says:

    Thanks Jon! Feel free to come up with more…..I have been getting about SIX zucchinis every week!

    • Jon Austin says:

      We made some tasty zucchini fritters the other day – think potato pancake with grated zucchini. I think I didn’t take any pics, but maybe I’ll post a little about it anyway. Basically just grate the zucchini and squeeze all the water out – then add a we bit of flour and some tasty things and fry.

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