Oysters on the half shell

Umm… so yes, we ate them all really fast. I’ve never shucked oyster before so it was a fun adventure, and a lot easier than I thought it would be really. Here is a good video showing how to shuck from Good Fish author Becky Selengut. I just used a butter knife as advised elsewhere and it worked just fine. I made a nice little lemony shaved ice to go on top. Just freeze some lemon juice in a shallow container with a couple twists of ground pepper, then when you’re ready just scrape the top of the ice with a fork and you’ve got a nice refreshing and light topping for the oysters. We got these oysters at Flying Fish Company at the food cart pod at 32nd and Division (in Portland) and they were so tasty and perfect. Check out their site for where they park during the week and to sign up for their e-mail list.


One Comment on “Oysters on the half shell”

  1. Christy says:

    They look beautiful in the blue bowl. But you still couldn’t convince me to try them. Sorry for being such a wimp of a mom.

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