We picked a handful of pickling cucumbers when out at the farm the other day amongst the peaches and blueberries and all manner of tastiness. And when I say ‘we,’ I mean, ‘I’ cause dang those pickles is poky – and the bees really love all the blossoms which kind of frightens the ladies around here. Oh well, I suppose come time that means more pickles for me, right? First step to the pickling is layering the pickles with salt and letting them sit overnight. Surprising amounts of water came out of these fellas considering their tough skins.

Next is put them in a jar with a bunch of vinegar. Fortunately I had recently grabbed a new bottle of good white wine vinegar, but alas I chose too big of a jar, or too few cukes I suppose and dumped in some old vinegar that will hopefully be tasty enough. Oh yeah, rinse the cucumbers before throwing them to get all the salt off. I threw in a bunch of tarragon because we have a lot growing and it sounded like a fun idea as opposed to traditional dill. There is also some garlic (from the garden too!) and maybe a splash of some other herbs that were around, but I don’t actually remember now. Oops. Its said that grape leaves help the pickles maintain some crispness – also this cold version should help prevent them from begin soggy. We’ll give them a try in about four weeks.


3 Comments on “Pickles”

  1. Jon–Since we’re also usually cooking for three, I’m planning to follow this blog. I’d like to subscribe to it in Google Reader but I can’t seem to find your RSS feed. Am I missing it somewhere on the page?

  2. Thanks for enabling the lazy blog reader! The link you created in the sidebar appears to be working 🙂

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