Corn on the Cob

We don’t buy corn too often. I think its a psychological complex that developed since pretty much every processed food now has corn and soy in it, so it just seems wrong to go and buy even more corn. But the CSA has delivered corn on the cob for a few weeks, and of course, some good fresh sweet corn is delicious.

Tossing it straight onto the grill has proven super easy, delicious and surprisingly forgiving. I honestly don’t know how long I’ve been throwing them on there – maybe twenty minutes or so. The outside chars prettyily and the inside gets nice and hot without getting soggy and takes on a nice smoky flavor. We have been eating them without anything on them because they are so sweet and tasty grilled. I also threw some on the fire while camping, which worked out okay too, but the husks burned through and started flaking off a wee bit before the corn was fully cooked.


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