Kind of like Shakshouka

So basically this is some eggs poached in a bunch of cooked tomatoes with lots of tasty spice. A bit like huevos rancheros and the like, Rachel spotted this recipe in Sunset and thought it would be a tasty way to use up lots of our tomatoes. This from the lady who doesn’t really like tomatoes, except cooked sometimes, so we gave it a shot. She was right and it was super delicious – it begins with a paste of cumin and coriander seeds, lots of paprika, then salt and garlic. Along with some peppers and several tomatoes and thats pretty much it. We made this a lot when we got a build up of tomatoes from the garden and so never got around to canning any whole tomatoes or sauce which is a shame, but oh well. It was also fun to cook over a fire, though of course heat is a little trickier to control and poaching the eggs in the sauce is a bit tricky already as the bottom seems to cook up pretty fast while the tops don’t get too much heat, even covered. Maybe an attempt to flip the yolks would have helped, because generally they went from way undercooked to overcooked in seconds. Still tasty though.


Eating some Favas (next to chicken and bread)

Did I mention how delicious Fava Beans are in that last post. The fava dish here is simply some cooked Fava Beans stirred with rice and a mixture of minced garlic and some plain Greek Yogurt (I get the nice and fatty kind, though supposedly there are some decent fat free kinds – I’ve just never met one that isn’t runny). Anyway, just don’t use too much garlic like I did.

The bread is topped with a radish butter, suggested by the CSA, just food process a couple radishes with some butter and big salt. Pretty yummy. I don’t remember what went on that chicken, hmm… I think it might have involved some dried habaneros steeped in some hot water then cut up with some herbs and rubbed all over. Something like that.

Garlic preserved in oil

We have been pulling some of the garlic from the garden and still have several more bulbs to come, so we are trying to figure out what we will do with it all. I have a book called Preserve It! from the library that has tons of simple and good recipes for preserving all sorts of things. Rachel made some incredibly yummy garlicky goodness by roasting the fresh garlic in oil and some tasty herbs from the garden. We used it to spread on crusty bread and for cooking up a couple things. I don’t have any photos of the finished product because we ate it so fast, but if you want to try it just roast some garlic then put it in a jar with some oil and it should keep for several weeks.